King of Christmas

7' Prince Flock Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree with 400 Warm White LED Lights

$249 $349

The Prince Flock Pencil Christmas tree makes a grand statement in your home and is the perfect tree to complete your Christmas display. It’s tall presence and streamlined construction create a regal and princely ambiance that endows your home with the majesty of the Christmas season. With heavily flocked tips, this majestic Christmas tree has the appearance of being covered with a gentle dusting of fresh powdered snow. The perfect complement to any holiday home, you will enjoy making this stunning Christmas tree your very own. The Prince Flock Pencil Christmas Tree is made from a flame resistant material and features a sturdy metal core to keep your tree standing tall and upright. Create a magical centerpiece inside your home when you choose the beautiful and stately Prince Flock Pencil Christmas Tree to enrich your Christmas decor.

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